Fotofringe 2014

My paintings were included in two photographic shows as part of Fotofringe 2014.

The organiser Jon Pountney kindly asked if I'd have some paintings in the first Fotofringe show at Cardiff M.A.D.E. gallery at Milkwood on Lochaber St in Roath and also at Abacus in Cardiff.

My paintings are obviously heavily influenced by photographs- I use them as a source for the clothing, hands and faces in my work, so it was great to be included in the photography show.

There was definitely a macabre and dark atmospheric theme to the Cardiff M.A.D.E. show and all of the works fitted together really well. The show ran from Thursday 22nd May till 7th June.

Photographs by Dan Green @DanGreenPhoto

The second show was at Abacus in Cardiff- a lovely and large venue where the old bus station ticket office used to be.  Again the show was excellent and Lucy, George and Morris were hung inside the old safe there- complete with barred door behind a thick heavy metal safe.